If you are a scientist and are looking for opportunities for self-realization in a certain sphere, you can view the works of the scientists presented below. You can prepare a speech on a topic that interests you and speak at a forum or conference, where you will receive appropriate questions and possibly an opposing opinion. Also, if you have problems expressing your own thoughts, you can contact a professional letter writer service and don't worry about vocabulary.

The scholars below constitute a representative sample of the ongoing work relevant to strategy and security at Penn. They are listed below in alphabetical order and by issue area.


Scholars in Strategy and Security


Areas of Interest


Scholar Name Research Description
P.J. Brennan Tuberculosis; hospital-acquired infections; immunocompromised patients; hospital epidemiology
Fevzi Daldal Bacterial growth and physiology -- specifically energy production systems and cytochromes
Robert Doms Microbiology; cell biological, biochemical, genetic, and immunological techniques to study emerging infectious diseases
Neil Fishman Emergence of antimicrobial resistance -- epidemiology of and methods to prevent resistance; healthcare epidemiology; infection prevention and infection control; bioterrorism preparedness
Stuart Isaacs Infectious diseases; HIV/AIDS
Josh Metlay Antimicrobial drug resistance; respiratory tract infections; geographic analysis of infectious diseases
Mark Pauly Medical economics; health policy; health insurance; other insurance; public finance/public choice; regulation
Ed Pearce Molecular basis of parasite-host interactions; how the immune system makes decisions during infection about how to respond appropriately
Harvey Rubin Infectious diseases and tuberculosis research; strategic threats
Suzanne Shepherd Bioterrorism preparedness; health screening for returning travelers
Brian Strom Safety and efficacy of medical products -- especially the anthrax and smallpox vaccines
David Weiner Pathogenesis of and immune based approaches to HIV-1.

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Cybersecurity & Computer Science

Scholar Name Research Description
Joel Adler Software solutions to logistics and manufacturing optimization problems; decision support systems; Information Technology resources
Norman Badler Computer understanding of 3-D moving object motions from movie images; graphical representation of complex objects using solid and surface models; Speciality in human figure modeling and animation
Matt Blaze Architecture and design of secure systems based on cryptographic techniques, analysis of secure systems against practical attack models, and finding new cryptographic primitives and techniques.
Dave Farber Internet policy; communications technology; computer and information science
Michael Kearns Artificial intelligence and machine learning -- computational learning theory, reinforcement learning, probabilistic inference and graphical models, and computational game theory
Vijay Kumar Robotics; mechanism design and control; manufacturing; biomechanics
Andre Scedrov Information assurance; Computer security; Cryptographic protocols; Logic
Barry Silverman Computerized simulations of terrorist operations (homeland defense, urban warfare, civil unrest); modeling of emotions, physiology, culture and motivations of leaders, followers, and crowds; bideogames and wargames for analysis and training; artificial life, artificial intelligence
Jonathan Smith Adaptive protocol architectures; secure high-performance programmable network architectures; scalable security architectures for the Internet; diffuse computing; building secure open source operating systems.
Steven Zdancewic Programming languages and computer security;  language-based enforcement of information-flow policies; secure concurrent and distributed computing; functional programming languages; type theory; linear logic.

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Emergency Care

Scholar Name Research Description
David Asch Moral and cognitive determinants of the decisions made by clinicians and patients
William Baxt Artificial neural networks in clinical decision making; tactical EMS
Amy Behrman Occupational infections of health care workers, animal workers, laboratory workers
Charles Branas Epidemiology and emergency care
John Holmes Evolutionary computation and machine learning approaches to knowledge discovery in databases (data mining); information systems infrastructures for epidemiologic surveillance; clinical decision support systems; semantic analysis; information systems user (physician and patient) behavior
C. Crawford Mechem Emergency medical services; out-of-hospital disaster planning; planning for weapons of mass effect
Jennifer Pinto-Martin Prevalence and etiology of autistic spectrum disorders; epidemiology; long term consequences of neonatal insult
Therese Richmond Recovery and responses following traumatic Injury.

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Psychology & Sociology

Scholar Name Research Description
Edna Foa Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Psychological responses to terrorism.
Ruben Gur Human neuropsychology; emotion and cognitive processes; sex differences in health and disease from a neurodevelopmental perspective
Larry Starr Psychological responses of EMS responders and non medical bystanders to medical emergencies/disasters; designing medical disaster plans and training protocols for occupational settings; use of emergency equipment by non medical responders to sudden emergencies.
Stephen Steinberg Philosophy of Nationalism; Public Discourse and Civil Society; Philosophy of Dialogue and Ethnopolitical Conflict; Higher Education;Contemporary European Philosophy

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Chemical & Nuclear Weapons

Scholar Name Research Description
Marc Dichter Neurotoxins, neuroprotection, neural injuries
Fred Henretig Toxicology; radiation threats

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Risk Management, Modeling, GIS

Scholar Name Research Description
Dennis Culhane The role of toxic occupational and environmental exposures in causing disease; relationship between health and productivity
Paul Kleindorfer Pricing and capacity policies for capital-intensive industries; governmental regulation; energy and environmental policy and strategy
Howard Kunreuther Decision making for low probability high consequence events -- developing programs for improving choice as well as social welfare.
Stephen Sammut Global biosecurity; biotechnology venture funding; use of private equity in developing dountries; technology transfer
Susan Wachter Homelessness, housing policy, policy analysis and research methods; impact of homelessness on the utilization of health, corrections and social services in New York City and Philadelphia

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Environmental Threats

Scholar Name Research Description
Edward Emmett Role of toxic occupational and environmental exposures in causing disease
Bob Giegengack Environmental geology; water resources; climate change; urban environmental toxicology
Tom Naff Hydrologic, public health issues in the Middle East; Middle Eastern studies
Fred Scatena Natural and anthropogenic disturbances; instream flow and potable water supplies; tropical forest ecology and hydrology; tropical montane cloud forests, roads, and streams

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History & Political Science

Scholar Name
Research Description
David Eisenhower Public service; public policy
Michael Horowitz International conflict and security.
Mark Hughes Metropolitan labor markets; settlement patterns
Ian Lustick Middle East politics; Agent based modeling approaches to ethnopolitical conflict, bioterrorism, and intelligence assessments; PS-I computer simulation platform
Arthur Waldron China and East Asia; world military and diplomatic history.

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Math & Applied Sciences

Scholar Name
Research Description
Randall Kamien Self-assembly; self-organized systems; collective behavior; drug delivery; passive sensors

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Veterinary Threats

Scholar Name
Research Description
Gary Smith The use of mathematical modeling techniques to facilitate the control of infectious and parasitic disease; parasite population biology; the epidemiology of parasitic diseases (including those caused by viruses and bacteria); mathematical modeling of parasitic diseases of veterinary and medical importance; economic evaluation of chemotherapeutic and vaccination strategies


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