In an effort to most effectively identify, analyze, and respond to issues of strategic threats, ISTAR has established relationships with many different organizations and groups both within and outside the University. Within the University, ISTAR works with organizations from all 12 schools of the University of Pennsylvania. Included in these are the following groups:

Outside the University, ISTAR belongs to both the Keystone Homeland Security University Research Alliance and the Mid-Atlantic Universities Consortium for Homeland Security. Both organizations are comprised of research universities in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (Keystone Alliance) and the Mid-Atlantic region (Mid-Atlantic Universities Consortium) that seek to confront the challenges posed by strategic threats to the Commonwealth, region and nation. As research universities, the members of these groups are uniquely suited to impact homeland security issues by identifying, analyzing and responding the new threats presented to our nation. Together, the members capitalize on their collective resources, minimize redundancy, and allow individual institutions to step forward to take the lead in their individual areas of expertise.







Mid-Atlantic Universities Consortium for Homeland Security

Keystone Alliance
A University-Based Research Center for Homeland Security

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