Neil Fishman, Associate Professor of Medicine
Director of the Department of Healthcare Epidemiology and Infection Control Director of the Antimicrobial Management Program, University of Pennsylvania Health System. If you are interested in the topic of "epidemiology" and protection against various microbes, you can check out Neli's work. For a more detailed analysis and argumentation, you can order an essay


  • Models to Improve the Use of Antibiotics
  • Risk Factors for the Emergence of Resistance
  • Antimicrobial Use and the Emergence of Resistance
  • Interventions to Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections


  • MD, Temple University
  • ID Training, University of Pennsylvania

Current Positions

  • President-Elect, Division L (Infection Control), American Society of Microbiology

Professional Service/Activities

  • 1996 Abbott Achievement Award from the Infectious Diseases Society of America

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